Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hello world! In this blog I plan to help those navigating their way through a gluten free lifestyle through my own personal eyes. I added the "Latina" here because I feel I have undergone a more specific experience that this added descriptor gives. This addition to the blog title means several things to me: I may not always have access to the best gluten free choices, I will be commenting on my family's experience with my experience, and most importantly my food experience!
Anyway, just to give to you some background I was diagnosed with Celiac disease this past summer 2010. No one in my family has had it and I personally never knew anyone who had, or actually even heard of the disease before then. I knew something was very wrong when I had these severe stomach pains for about a week straight and nothing seemed to help...not even Beano. The pain I speak of was like contraction pain. I mean I've never been pregnant, but I assume it would have felt something like this. After seeing the doctor and one blood test later, my doctor called and said she found traces of celiac sprue in my blood. My initial thoughts were the following:
1. Is "celiac" a fun nickname for cancer?
2. Is it highly contagious?
3. Does this mean I can't get preggers?
4. Why would I have this?
4. When does my official freak out session start?
Upon second confirmation with an endoscopy I was told to immediately start eliminating gluten. And so the journey began...