Sunday, December 5, 2010

My New Fav Healthy Lunch/Dinner/Anything but Breakfast or Dessert

So I have been on this quinoa kick for awhile now, it is so much lighter and fluffier than rice. And guess what? It's better for you. In my transition into becoming a healthier version of me, I created a new go to recipe with some Latin flavor.
All you need is:
- 1 cup quinoa (Bob's Red Mill is the one I have found in most grocery stores)
- 1/2 cup of spinach (or however much you like)
- Handful of mushrooms
- Any other veggie you like (such as bell peppers, asparagus, kale-good way to get your greens in)
- Cut up onions
- Salsa or pico de gallo
- Crumbled Mexican cheese
- Tortilla Chips (all natural, gluten-free)
- Salt/Pepper/Garlic seasoning

- Boil 2 cups of water, then add 1 cup of quinoa and let simmer, covered for about 15 minutes or until quinoa has taken in all the water
- When quinoa is just about done, season with salt and garlic seasoning
- Sautee your veggies adding salt and pepper to them
- Once quinoa is cooked, scoop into a bowl, add veggies on top, add salsa, cheese and eat alone or with tortilla chips


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