Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Learning from pizza mistakes

So a couple weeks ago I decided to pick up a couple of pizza's from Connie's Pizza on Archer.
1- Small gluten free veggie pizza
1 - Small veggie pizza
Both thin crust.
Both un-labeled.

Are you starting to see the problem here? Yeah, they both looked practically identical.
Freak out ensued as I got home. I've had their gluten free pizza before but I was the only one that ordered a small gluten free margherita pizza while everyone else had sausage.
When we called Connie's they apologized and told us that the suuuper thin crust was the gluten free version. Did I mentioned Connie's is known for their insanely thin crust (non-gluten free pizzas)? Luckily I had my mom and bf there so they gladly offered to taste test both.One definitely was more bland and less buttery, tasty, delicious than the other. Also the dough on one them looked pre-made and not as crispy.
Case in point, always make sure you get your pizzas labeled or ask for one with a  slightly different ingredient to easily tell the difference. Yeah I know...duh??!

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